Monday, 7 January 2008

Build it an they will come - A giant Elk ?

It's been seven years since the Moose was mooted but local officials have now given permission for construction of the worlds largest Elk. Before you get too excited, here is some bad news : you won't be able to sleep in the Elk - it won't contain any overnight accommodation. To be ready in 2009, the Giant Moose will be situated in Northern Sweden.

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To enter the moose you'll either ride along the road that will be built all the way to the top, or use the wood-paths alongside the mountain. On the top you'll enter the pine tree in which the elevator will lift you 35 m to the mouth. Inside the moose there will be 3 floors with a surface of 500 m², the content of these floors will be conference-rooms / exhibitions / concert-hall etc. The neck will contain the kitchen and the restaurant with a surface of 250 m². The outdoor café will be on top of the antlers and will have a surface of 100 m². Parts of the branches on the big pine tree will serve as a big umbrella, protecting the outdoor café from rain and snow. All kinds of accommodation will be in nearby cabins, hotels and such.

Learn more and even buy shares (?!) at World's largest moose website

And here is an animation of how the giant elk could look....

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