Monday, 17 December 2007

ex Swedish PM and Ryanair settle out of court

Ryanair has settled out of court with Goran Persson, ex PM of Sweden

Ryanair was reported today (17th December) to have agreed to pay damages to former Swedish prime minister Goran Persson and a former Swedish foreign minister.

Persson and Laila Freivalds sued Ryanair in 2006 after their names and images were used in an advertisement without their prior consent.

The ad carried the text 'Time to flee the country.'

The two ex-politicians were roundly criticized for the former Swedish government's slow response to the December 2004 tsunami disaster that claimed the lives of hundreds of Swedish nationals.

A court date was planned for Tuesday but after a recent out of court settlement the case has been dropped, the online news site reported.

Persson and Freivalds had initially demanded 150,000 kronor (23,000 dollars) but settled for half the sum. They planned to donate the funds to charity, the report said.

Persson left politics earlier this year. Freivalds resigned in February 2006 over her role in shutting down the website of a right- wing group that planned to publish controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

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