Friday, 25 January 2008

Northern Lights

Photo - Northern Lights in Nuuk, Greenland

Now is the peak season for seeing the Northern Lights AKA Aurora. You have to make sure you go pretty far North though. North Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Finland, North Norway are all prime places. Below we are showing a 25 second video from Norway.

Photo - Northern Lights, Norway

Photo - Northern Lights Iceland

The Latin word for northern lights is Aurora Borealis, was first used early in the 17th Century. Aurora was the goddess of dawn, i.e. red light of dawn, in ancient Roman mythology and Borealis means northerly. A translation from Latin is something like northerly light of dawn.

If you fancy a hunt for the Northern Lights you could try flights to Reykjavik with Iceland Express and then this Northern Lights tour booked through Isango which is simply a three hour trip taking you from your hotel in Reykjavik to the most likely places to view the Northern Lights on the night.

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  1. Wow ! !

    That I have to see.

    Northern Lights look amazing. It would be annoying to go all that to Greenland or wherever and the miss it due to e.g. bad weather. Still must be cosy to go somewhere like that in Winter though.