Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Scandinavian airline offers Organic meals

From now on, Sterling's customers can tuck into sandwiches and other delicacies which are both healthy and tasty. The increasing focus on ecology and health is the reason behind this marked alteration of the range.

"In-flight food has never been especially exciting, but we have decided to change all that. In close co-operation with nutrition experts and our catering company, we have developed some much tastier products which are at the same time healthy and 100 percent organic," says Michael T. Hansen, Commercial Manager at Sterling Airlines A/S.

Healthy and tasty

Now you can start your meal with creamed organic yoghurt from Naturmælk, made from the milk of Jersey cows with a naturally high protein content, and follow this with a sandwich of organic bread from Il Fornaio with delicious Gouda cheese and sun-dried Italian tomatoes. Round off with a small Emmery's muffin with high-cocoa El Rey chocolate – and enjoy your food with a view across the snowy white clouds, 10,000 metres above the Earth's surface. "We aim to be the international airline that Scandinavians prefer. We will still be selling tickets at super-low prices, but we also want to make sure our guests have a good experience while they are with Sterling. The new meals are just one of a number of initiatives that we are introducing in the New Year to make us the most attractive airline," says Michael T. Hansen.

Every day, you can choose between a delicious brunch on the morning flights, and two kinds of sandwiches during the rest of the day. The menu varies and is altered every second week, so you can try something new every time. Our organic Brunchbag costs EUR 8, and an organic sandwich EUR 6,50.

At child's-eye level

At the end of 2007, Sterling was the first airline to launch Funny Meals for children – a meal specially adapted to the taste and playfulness of young children, and designed to make flights both easier and more fun for the whole family. The Funny Meals will continue to be available on selected departures – just in a new, organic version.

A Funny Meal is full of children’s favourites, such as a roll with salami, and raisins from Urtekram. For dessert, the children get a mini chocolate muffin from Emmery's. There are also toys in the pack, in the form of a colouring book and pencils. The price of an organic Funny Meal is EUR 7, and you do not need to order it in advance.

Less packaging

It's not just the food that is being enhanced at Sterling; the packaging has also been altered, to produce less waste. This is done by using rectangular sandwiches, which weigh the same as traditional triangular sandwiches, but take up less space.

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