Saturday, 29 March 2008

SAS exclusive offers with Opodo

Have a look at these SAS offers to Scandinavia through Opodo who recently won a travel industry survey for most usable site:

Stockholm £104, Copenhagen £114, Oslo £122, Helsinki £170

Not the most amazing prices I hear you cry. True but we have had a look through and the availability is very good. When we checked it was still possible to book the May bank holiday weekend at these prices.

As always, it is wise to compare with other airlines and make sure you are comparing the total cost of the trip including travel from your home.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Sterling Airlines gets a rebrand

Sterling, the Icelandic owned airline who fly to Scandinavia from Gatwick, East Midlands & Edinburgh launched a rebrand today. The new Sterling logo & aircraft livery was revealed at Copenhagen airport, their main base along with this manifesto below :

What makes a good airline?

We at Sterling have given it a great deal of thought. A part of being a good airline is obviously getting people to where they want to go. But that’s what any other airline does. We aim to do better than other airlines by emphasizing reliability, flexibility and fair price. The fact that Sterling has
been a leading punctual airline demonstrates how serious we are about these things. Having a wide range of destinations is also good. Landing at the main airports is even better because that saves valuable time for our customers. This, combined with an ever growing number of passengers, is a testimony of how good our airline really is. We would fly with us.

Reliability, Flexibility and Fair Price sound good to the team at

List of Sterling flights from the UK:


East Midlands


Wizz air changes Stockhom airport

Wizz Air, the low-cost airline announced that it would move its flights serving the Stockholm – Poznan route from Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO) to Vasteras International Airport (VST). The effective move of the current flights will take place on 15 May 2008.

Vasteras International Airport is another alternative airport for passengers willing to travel to and from Stockholm. The airport is located in the Stockholm/Malar Region which is an industrial centre of Sweden and is to the same distance from the Swedish capital as Skavsta Airport. Vasteras Airport offers easy access to Stockholm by fast train and bus links.

Passengers who have already booked their flights for the Poznan - Stockholm Skavsta flights will be informed about the schedule change individually.

The airline offers flights to Stockholm also from Katowice, Warsaw, Gdansk and Budapest. Tickets can be bought on or via the call centre.

List of Nordic airports

Source: Wizz Air

Thursday, 20 March 2008

What's on in Malmo, 2008 ?

Big events in Malmö, (Malmoe) 2008

Van Morrison, 25 April,
Paul Potts, 23 May, 26 May
Quicksilver bowlriders, 12 June - 15 June
Flower festival, 13 June - 15June
Malmo festival, 15 August - 22 August
European masters games, 29 August - 7 September
José Carreras, 22 November,

Football (soccer), Malmö FF, season runs from 31 March - 9 November
Ice hockey, Malmö Redhawks,moving to a new stadium, November 2008

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Web Cams

Quite a bit of snow around the Nordic region ready for easter.
Have a look at this collection of web cams.
If you want to recommend another web-cams please feel free to leave a comment.

Sweden Webcams - includes Icehotel, Stockholm, & Malmö

Webcam from the Danish island of Bornholm

Harbour at Torshavn, capital of Faroe Islands

Webcam of runway at Copenhagen airport

Helsiniki harbour and surroundings

Webcam of the new arena in Malmö

Webcam of down-town Reykjavik

Friday, 7 March 2008

Giant iceberg blocks Greenland port

A massive iceberg that floated into Paamiut harbour on Greenland's southwestern coast last week has since prevented cargo ships from docking, seafood giant Royal Greenland is among the businesses unable to use the port.

A demolition team has now been called in to blow up the iceberg and will use 500 kilos of dynamite. If we find a video we will post it here.

As in the other towns of West Greenland the sea is normally free of ice during the winter. The occupation of the 2.100 inhabitants of Paamiut, is mostly connected to the fishing industry. Icebergs, coming adrift along the east coast of Greenland and continuing up along the west coast normally arrive in the autumn bringing numerous seals marking this season as a great time for the local hunters.

Photo: pretty church in Paamiut which dates back to 1909

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Greenland, a fragile Arctic environment

Greenland is the largest island in the world which isn't considered a continent. Composed of many icy glacial areas, Greenland is very sparsely inhabited.

Currently a self-governing territory of Denmark, Greenland was settled by viking Eric the Red around 982 AD. The island is only home to about 56,000 residents, about 15,000 of which live in the capital of Nuuk. As there is no road or rail system, the only practical means to travel is by boat or air. On foot is less practical and far more strenuous, but somewhat plausible.

Ice covers 81% of the island. The main industries there include fishing, mineral extraction and tourism.

Coverage from around the web
Kangerlussuaq is now the gateway for adventure tourism in Greenland

Official Greenland tourism portal

Naturism in Scandinavia

5 in Denmark, 3 in Norway and 10 in Sweden. No, not millions of people but the number of naturist resorts.

It's not just Scandinavia, we have also found a site dedicated to naturism in Iceland

Need to know - beaches
There is a slight difference between Denmark on one side and Norway and Sweden on the other side with regard to nude beaches.

In Denmark there is really no difference between a nude and a textile beach. It depends on whether the people using the beach happens to wear clothes or not.

In Sweden and Norway they have signposted (official) nude beaches or well defined stretches of beach (spontaneous) where you may be nude.

More info
Scandinavian naturist portal