Friday, 7 March 2008

Giant iceberg blocks Greenland port

A massive iceberg that floated into Paamiut harbour on Greenland's southwestern coast last week has since prevented cargo ships from docking, seafood giant Royal Greenland is among the businesses unable to use the port.

A demolition team has now been called in to blow up the iceberg and will use 500 kilos of dynamite. If we find a video we will post it here.

As in the other towns of West Greenland the sea is normally free of ice during the winter. The occupation of the 2.100 inhabitants of Paamiut, is mostly connected to the fishing industry. Icebergs, coming adrift along the east coast of Greenland and continuing up along the west coast normally arrive in the autumn bringing numerous seals marking this season as a great time for the local hunters.

Photo: pretty church in Paamiut which dates back to 1909

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