Thursday, 12 June 2008

Scandic capitals, nice to live in and pretty girls

Monocle has rated 3 Nordic capitals in its top 20 liveable cities article.
Months of good-natured, frequently late-night and jetlagged debate have produced Monocle's definitive (and just a little subjective) guide to the world's most liveable cities.

In second place they have Copenhagen
"There's no shame coming second, particularly when phase two of your new metro is about to go live, your airport is a joy, you can bike safely through the city and you have so many stunning residents."

In Sixth place they have Helsinki
"The fastest flying times from Europe to Asia's hubs make Helsinki more than Nokia-town."

In Eighth place comes Stockholm
"An eye for detail, good street style and strong public services make this a pleasant place to build a nest ."

In addition to the Monocle feature, Magazine Travelers Digest has recently unveiled a list of the top ten cities with the most beautiful women in the eyes of male tourists.

The Top Ten Cities with the Most Beautiful Women:

10. Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
9. Tel Aviv (Israel)
8. Montreal (Canada)
7. Caracas (Venezuela)
6. Moscow (Russia)
5. Los Angeles (California, the U.S.)
4. Varna (Bulgaria)
3. Buenos Aires (Argentina)
2. Copenhagen (Denmark)
1. Stockholm (Sweden)

P.S. Have a look at this comparison of Swedish Vs British nightlife.

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