Friday, 29 August 2008

Stockholm 747 hostel

Visitors to Stockholm could soon have a new option for cheap airport accommodation – a Boeing 747 at Arlanda airport. Plans have been approved to open up a Jumbo hostel which may open as early as December.

Stockholm could then have a really good range of hostels including a boat and a prison

Uppsala businessman Oscar Diös has been given permission by airport owner LFV and the Swedish National Roads Administration to open a youth hostel in a Jumbo Jet parked by the airport entrance.

Diös plans to rip out the plane’s 500 seats and instead install 80 beds. The cockpit will be made into a suite, and some of the equipment will be preserved.

”The challenge is that nobody has done this before, so there’s no precedent. But essentially it’s like fitting out any kind of metal barracks,” Diös told newspaper UNT.

Uppsala Council’s building and traffic committee said it was positive towards the unusual hostel.

The plane (pictured above) being used by Diös was previously owned by Swedish charter company Transjet. It has been grounded since the company had its license revoked in 2002. It has since then stood by the airport’s third runway.

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