Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Scandic Hotels and Time Out in book partnership

New guidebook will offer the hotel chain’s guests tips on unexpected experiences

For the first time ever, the world’s leading travel guide, Time Out, is cooperating with a hotel chain to publish a joint guidebook. In listing less mainstream attractions, Scandic is looking to provide added value for its guests.

The Scandic hotel chain has entered into an exclusive partnership with the world’s leading travel guide publisher Time Out, best known for its city listings magazines of the same name and for its guidebooks with titles such as “1,000 things to do in London”. For the first time, Time Out is now working with a hotel chain to produce a guidebook telling guests what there is to see and do around Scandic’s almost 150 hotels across the Nordic region and Northern Europe.

“I’ve spent thousands of hours with Time Out guides around the world and think it’s fantastic that they’ll be informing our guests about the attractions near our hotels in Scandic-land. Time Out will be sniffing out things beyond the usual and revealing local secrets in its own inimitable style, which will make the read itself part of the experience,” comments Henrik Johnsson, project manager and head of Scandic’s partnerships.

“The excitement and challenge of working with Scandic is that they are present in small towns and major cities across ten countries. Our task is to help Scandic give its guests added value and something to talk about when they get home,” explains Mark Philips, commercial director at Time Out Guides.

Time Out is in the process of exploring the streets around Scandic in ten countries. The first edition of “1,000 things to do when staying at Scandic” will be published in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and English in March next year.

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