Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Years fireworks in Reykjavik, Iceland

The fireworks "display" in Reykjavik on New Years Eve is amazing. I say "display" because this is not anything organised. The fireworks in Reykjavik over the last decade have been as a result of " keeping up with the Jones' " meets an over heating economy. Families have their own fireworks display and everyone wants their own to be better than their neighbours.

What I am wondering is, as a result of the economic crisis and crashed Icelandic krona how will the 2008/2009 fireworks be compared with recent years. In 2007 a rumoured US$21million went up in smoke. If anyone is in Reykjavik please let me know by posting a comment !

Have a look at the video below from 2006. If you fancy going to New Years Eve in Reykjavik have a look at flights with Iceland Express but best to book early !

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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Win a trip to Iceland

Just spotted a good opportunity to get a free trip to Iceland. And not an ordinary trip at that. You get to stay at Hotel 101 and go scuba diving in a lake as part of a jeep safari.

How can you win ?

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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Julmust - an Xmas must have in Sweden

Julmust / "Julemust" is a Christmas alternative to coke / beer. The dark, fizzy drink and is made from water, sugar, hops, malt extract, spices, citric acid, and preservatives. Similar to a dark beer then, but not fermented so non-alcoholic. The dark colour of Julmust is from caramel.

The translation of Julmust is simply Jul = Xmas, must = must.

Population of Sweden : Approx 9 million
Litres of julmust consumed in December in Sweden : Over 45 million

Monday, 22 December 2008

Free GPS with car hire in Iceland

If you lucky enough to be travelling to Iceland in 2009 here is a special offer on car hire.

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Audio Explorer CD & map
Opt for the audio CD and get your own personal guide with some traditional Icelandic music to keep you entertained. There are six amazing CDs and six different routes, covering the whole country, to choose from.

At Holiday Autos website you can book a car from downtown Reykjavik or at Keflavik airport.

Terms & Conditions
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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Nuclear bomb off Greenland coast

A Nuclear bomb lies off the coast of Greenland

Evidence indicating that a lost atomic bomb from a B52 plane which crashed in Greenland in the late 60's remains lying off the coast is not news to Greenlanders, despite a lot of media attention recently.

A BBC investigation claimed they have discovered information about an undiscovered A-bomb from an American B52 bomber plane that crashed in 1968 near the now closed USA air force base near Thule, Greenland.

The BBC reported this week that the fourth bomb may still lie on the seabed off Greenland's western coast. After the plane crash, the Pentagon insisted that all four of the atomic bombs were destroyed.

According to CPHPost, Greenlanders call the incident 'The Thule Crash', and Danish employees at the base already knew about the fourth nuclear bomb back in 1999, says Jens Zinglersen, chairman of the association representing employees affected by radiation connected with clean up work at the crash site.

Zinglersen worked at the Thule base in 1968 when the American B52 plane crashed on the ice nearby. It had been carrying four nuclear weapons, but the high explosives in a security casing surrounding the bombs detonated, melting the unarmed nuclear devices.

However, during the process of obtaining compensation for the radiation stricken workers in the 1990s, the employees’ association got access to the American National Archives, where they found evidence of the undiscovered fourth bomb.

‘We all knew then that there might be something out there,' said Zinglersen. 'Why else would they have sent a submarine out from the base that summer looking for something in the sea?’

Zinglersen said that they brought the information to the media in 2000, but that their discovery was overshadowed by news of the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk, where 118 sailors died. The documents obtained by the BBC are the same documents seen by the organization in 1999.

'The BBC is known as a very credible source and we hope that it will push the case proceedings forward as the media focuses on the issue. We want the full truth to come out,' said Zinglersen.

Greenland's minister for foreign affairs, Per Berthelsen, said he was also well aware of the fourth bomb. He added that the government takes any new information about the Thule case seriously, but said nothing new has been brought to light by the BBC investigation.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

earthquake hits Copenhagen and Malmo

An earthquake shook southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark this morning.

According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake had a magnitude of 4.7

Copenhagen Police duty officer Jens Kristiansen told that they have received many calls from concerned residents, but no reports of injuries. Likewise in Sweden the emergency services received.

The Oresund bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen is operating normally, and there is no impact on flights departing from Malmo or Copenhagen airports.

Link to Satelite view of the epicentre

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

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Day 8 – Departure, transfer and flights

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Stockholm Jumbo Hostel Update

Jumbo jet hostel at Arlanda ready for guests mid January.

The 85 bed jumbo jet hostel in Stockholm we have written about before should be open for business by early next year. Stockholm will then have a really good range of unusual hostels including a boat and a prison

- Brief facts about Jumbo Hostel -

Airplane type: Boeing 747-200
Year of manufacture: 1976
Name: Liv (after owner’s daughter)
Number of rooms: 25
Number of beds in total: 85
Number of beds per room: Three bunk beds
Room size: Circa 6 square metres, 3 metres to ceiling

Monday, 1 December 2008

Sterling Airlines

Sterling Airlines was an Icelandic owned airline that operated flights from, to and within Scandinavia. Sterling Airlines filed for bankruptcy on 29th October 2008 and ceased operating.

If you are fed up of low cost airlines by now, here are some alternative airlines to get you to Scandinavia :

SAS - The largest airline in Scandinavia. Doesn't charge for baggage but doesn't have free snacks or drinks. Tends to have some good prices. Under £120 return is possible from UK to Copenhagen, Olso or Stockholm. As SAS have so many domestic routes within Scandinavia there are plenty of onward connections.

Cimber Sterling - A family owned Danish airline that bought the name Sterling after Sterling went bankrupt. Now flying from Gatwick, Edinburgh and Newcastle to Copenhagen and from Gatwick to Billund. Included in the flight price is a drink and chocolate and when you fly with Cimber Sterling there is no extra charge for checking in luggage.

KLM - Worth considering because they actually fly from 15 UK airports to many destinations in Scandinavia but via Amsterdam. By doing an official connection at Amsterdam you don't have to worry yourslef with connecting luggage (just check it in at your departure airport and collect it at your Scandinavian destination). You may also save money (and the environment) because you can depart from your local airport and there are no hidden extra for luggage. KLM have a very good range of destinations in Norway (Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Sandejford, Oslo and Trondheim), as well as Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Linköping,)

Air France - Using the same logic as KLM (above), Air France fly to from 17 UK airports and can transport you via Paris to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Oslo.

BA - Fly from Heathrow to Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo with very regular flights.
You can also fly to these Nordic capitals via Heathrow from

bmi - Flies to Copenhagen from Heathrow, Edinburgh and Leeds Bradford as well as Esbjerg direct from Aberdeen, and you can also book SAS flights at bmi from Heathrow to Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Travel Tips : Could be worth visiting Opodo to search for flights as you can combine the different airlines as you please. . . . . .and if you fancy something a bit different DFDS offer sailings from Harwich in Essex to Esbjerg on the West coast of Denmark.