Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Years fireworks in Reykjavik, Iceland

The fireworks "display" in Reykjavik on New Years Eve is amazing. I say "display" because this is not anything organised. The fireworks in Reykjavik over the last decade have been as a result of " keeping up with the Jones' " meets an over heating economy. Families have their own fireworks display and everyone wants their own to be better than their neighbours.

What I am wondering is, as a result of the economic crisis and crashed Icelandic krona how will the 2008/2009 fireworks be compared with recent years. In 2007 a rumoured US$21million went up in smoke. If anyone is in Reykjavik please let me know by posting a comment !

Have a look at the video below from 2006. If you fancy going to New Years Eve in Reykjavik have a look at flights with Iceland Express but best to book early !

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  1. The Reykjavik Fireworks this year were actually comparable to last year, if they were less you couldn't notice it, fireworks aplenty, we didn't want to dissappoint the tourists.