Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Obama travels to Nordic Region

Barack Obama is on the way to Scandinavia.
On Friday, he will fly to Copenhagen - to help his hometown Chicago get the Summer Olympics 2016.

Yesterday the White House confirmed that Barack Obama will visit Copenhagen on Friday.

The International Olympic Committee, IOC are meeting to decide whether Tokyo, Madrid, Rio or Chicago will host the summer Olympics 2016 - and the U.S. president wants to give his old hometown as much help as he can.
- He decided last weekend that he would be there and do what he can, says adviser Valerie Jarrett to NBC.
It has long been known that Michelle Obama would be coming, but now it turns out she will be joined by her husband.
- The president does not want to leave anything to chance, "says Jarrett.
Whether the Obama couple would be taking Air Force One away for the weekend and make a little holiday out of it is not known, but the Copenhagen residents can count on tight security and flight passengers flying from Copenhagen on Friday should check in early as there might be delays and extra security checks!

It is also thought that both the president and king of Spain will be in Copenhagen to support the Madrid bid.

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