Saturday, 19 December 2009

London City Copenhagen Flights

Cimber Sterling is pulling out of the crowded Gatwick - Copenhagen market (where it has been up against easyJet and Norwegian) and will instead fly to and from London City.

SAS has recently announced it will stop flying between London City and Copenhagen.

When SAS closes its route between London City Airport and Copenhagen, in the spring 2010, Cimber Air will be moving its London route from Gatwick to London City Airport in the heart of London.

"We had already sought slots at London City, so we would be ready to move into if the opportunity arose. And it does now, when SAS withdraws, " said Bjarne Rasmussen, sales and marketing director Cimber Air. "We have a clear expectation that our customers - both business travelers and those who must leave the city, will appreciate that we now move to the inner city."

Cimber Air will fly to London City Airport twice daily. You can not operate larger aircraft at The Docklands airport, so Cimber Sterling will operate propeller-type ATR with room for 46 passengers. Cimber is well aware of the airport when it has flown the route for SAS since the Dash-8 aircraft were grounded.

Cimber Air continues to fly between Billund and Gatwick, twice daily, Monday to Friday.

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