Friday, 15 October 2010

Sweden Vs USA

Here's a video, originally produced as a two parter for "The Daily Show" who sent a reporter over to Sweden for a reportage on the grim life that those poor socialist Swedes have to live.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Aalborg Airport Versus Billund Airport

Aalborg Airport (AAL) is growing faster than Billund Airport (BLL) in terms of passenger numbers.

Continuing progress may mean that Aalborg Airport may well be on par with Billund airport in terms of passenger numbers within 18 months or so.

In June Billund Airport had 255,000 passengers whereas there were 132,000 passengers in Aalborg. A few years ago, Aalborg had approx 40 per cent of the passenger numbers of Billund, but now the North Jutland airport is over 50% and rising!

Director of Aalborg airport, Soren Svendsen, doesn't deny the airports ambitions.
"We will be as big as Billund. We are using our capacity 100 percent. So we must consider expanding"
says the airport director.

In the past five years, Aalborg Airport recruited 100 new employees and doubled the number of passengers. And if this trend continues, it accounts so to Aalborg Airport in about one and a half years can call himself the country's second largest airport.

The two airports are about two and half hours drive away from each other.

Competition To Win Copenhagen Break

Hurry, there are just a couple of days left to enter the competition to win a two night break from London (Gatwick) to Copenhagen.

The competition closes on 15th August 2010.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

"Secret" Cheap London Sweden Flights

Edit: They went bankrupt!

I was looking at beach holiday flights with Viking Airlines this week and was surprised to find that they are also offering cheap flights from Gatwick to Stockholm (From £27 one way), as well as somewhat occasional flights from Gatwick to Malmö and Birmingham to Malmö.

It seems like they have schedules for their regular beach flights from both UK and Sweden and are probably having to "re-position" the aircraft so they are in the right place at the right time... anyway hope someone gets a bargain out of this as it is not an airline I would normally check for this type of flight.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Iceland Volcano Erupts

Hundreds of people have been evacuated due to a volcanic eruption in the south of Iceland. More than 500 people living near a volcano at the glacier Eyjafjallajokull which is the fifth largest in Iceland have left their homes.

Authorities estimate, however, that no one is in danger. Evacuation takes place mainly in view of possible floods that the outbreak could cause due to melting ice.

The volcanic eruption began around 02:00 GMT. Roads in the area have been closed and delays and cancellations to flights are expected.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Self Drive Iceland Tours

Iceland with her amazing and varied landscapes presents great opportunities for a self drive tour... Anyone into geology will be particularly impressed with Iceland's attractions as well as those people that like adventure and excitement on holiday.

Forget packed out beaches, dodgy hotel buffets and over priced pina coladas... The time to go to Iceland is now - since the economic crisis of 2008, the Icelandic Krona is one of the few destinations that hasn't got a lot more expensive thanks to the sinking pound.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

From Essex to Esbjerg

If you fancy travelling by ferry from England to Denmark, DFDS Seaways sails between Harwich, Essex and Esbjerg in Western Denmark three to four times a week all year round. Have a look at for more travel information.

Denmark Travel Tips

  • Overall, life seems expensive for us Brits. The Danish kroner has followed the Euro up, versus the pound and the Danish VAT ("moms") is 25%
  • Even though Carlsberg is one of Denmarks most famous exports, the locals will more often drink "Tuborg".
  • Cycling is very popular - there are fantastic cycle paths all over - just take care in Copenhagen rush hour when the cycle lanes can get pretty fast!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Norwegian Air Continues Growth

Low-cost carrier Norwegian had continued strong passenger growth in 2009 and flew 18% more passengers than in 2008 on board its 737 fleet.

In total, the Norwegian airline which is by some estimates Europe's fourth largest airline opened up 63 new routes, including 30 in Denmark, 18 in Sweden and 15 in Norway. In December the Norwegian low cost carrier flew 815,562 passengers. This is an increase of 163,667, equivalent to 25% compared to December last year.

Passenger growth came at a cost though - Yield for December 2009 is expected to be 17% lower than in December 2008. The change is based primarily on the removal of fuel surcharges and changes to network, as well as phasing in new aircraft with more capacity and lower per passenger seat costs.

Cabin factor for the whole group was 76% in December, which is an improvement of two percentage points compared to the same month last year. In terms of operational performance it was not a good month for time keeping. The company carried 99.4% of its scheduled flights in December, of which 61.8% departed on time. Punctuality for the whole year though was a much more respectable 81%.

"December was an exceptional month in terms of precision. The month was characterized by much snow and bad weather on the continent and along the Norwegian coast. In combination with many travellers in December, staffing, especially at Gardermoen, was too small to handle the traffic fast enough. We have now put more effort into to fix the situation, "says CEO Bjorn Kjos.